Our Persian Cat Family

Meet the delightful Doll Face Teacup Persians of The Kittengarden. This growing gallery features lovely pictures of the exquisite Persians in our breeding program, who are first hand members of our family above all.

Elena of The Kittengarden

Persian Kitten ElenaElena is our foundation Mom. She is a beautiful, healthy Doll Face Persian Kitten from Grand Champion lines. Elena has an exquisite coat of Chinchilla Silver, which is white sprinkled with flecks of silver. Her eyes are a stunning green. Yes, she is as sweet as she looks. Elena is a playful, affectionate, laid back lap kitty. She exemplifies the Doll Face Persian cat breed, and I am proud to have her as an exceptional mom. The name “Elena” means “The Bright One”, and she is certainly a shining example of how stunning and adorable a Doll Face Persian kitten can be.

Some Delightful Candid Photos

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Here are some lovely photos: