Julie’s Mews

The First Post


Persian Kitten at the Kitten GardenWelcome to The Kittengarden!  My name is Julie and I am the owner and creator of The Kittengarden.  My Persian Kittens are positively exquisite.  They are my labor of love!

My Precious Persian Cattery is one that brings love and joy to my family.  I have been blessed through mentoring with one of the top breeders of Persian Kittens.  Through this experience I have gained more knowledge in breeding and raising, exquisite doll face Persian kittens for Persian lovers.

The name of my cattery holds special meaning as I spent many years as a Kindergarten teacher in which I focused on developmental stages of children.  In a similar way my precious kittens learn through different stages how to pounce and play.  These kittens are a cuddly bundle of love!