Welcome to The Kittengarden

Teacup Persian Kittens for sale in MichiganLocated in rural Michigan near Detroit, The Kittengarden is a small, caring cattery breeding and raising exquisitely beautiful, exceptionally healthy Doll Face Persian kittens for sale in shades of white and chinchilla. Our petite Persian babies are often referred to as perfectly petite babies since they are naturally smaller, remaining kitten-like their entire lives.

Having been a kindergarten teacher for many years, “The Kittengarden” seemed the “purrfect” name for my Persian cattery; a place where precious baby Persian kittenss are nurtured and given the loving foundation for the wonderful companions they grow up to be.

If you are seeking the most affectionate, gentle, soft and fluffy white Persian kitten as your life long playmate and companion, our absolutely exquisite petite babies are a delight.

Persian Kitten With YarnWe specialize in Chinchilla Silver Persian kittens. Our babies have soft, fluffy white coats flecked in Silver, and beautiful, “China Doll” faces with large, round green eyes.  Fully grown, our Persian kittens weigh under 7 pounds. They are petite, playful – and purr-fect!

We are now accepting applications for our 2016 litters of Persian kittens for sale, and we still have a few spots left on our waiting list.  Kittens are arriving soon!  If you would like to reserve your special kitten, please feel free to contact Julie. We look forward to hearing from you!


We are located within a short drive of Detroit, Michigan, and within a reasonable distance from Toronto, Canada, upstate New York and other large cities. Shipping is available as well.